We DO Care Children!

The article from the meeting for our English
common webpage

      A first Comenius project meeting was held Between 11th and 15th of November 2013 in Mehmet Memişoğulları Ortaokulu in Ankara, Turkey . The meeting’s aim was to coordinate and organize the work and activities connected with the project titled: “We DO care children”.
The participants of the meeting were teachers and head teachers of partner schools from Turkey, Poland, Italy, Spain and Latvia.
During the meeting many things were discussed and established like: dates of the next meetings, mobilities of the students and teachers but we also worked on the common webpage and decided on our common logo. Each school coordinator presented their city and region that he or she came from and familiarized all the other participants with his or her school and the school system of his or her country.
Turkish students prepared a special artistic performance showing Turkish culture but also a play presenting the difference between children brought up in loving families to those brought up in chaotic and violent families. Participants of the meeting had an opportunity to visit Turkish school, meet its nice students and observe their lessons.
All of us could also work together on a common wall mural which will now remain a symbol of the meeting and the ideas of the project.
The project group visited one of Ankara’s Orphanages and together with children and the teachers ate a traditional meal prepared especially for the occasion. The children got little gifts that made them feel special on that day.
A common project forest was also created with each country planting their own project tree.
We were also invited to the local town hall of the district of Ankara that is responsible for the Mehmet Memişoğulları School. During the meeting from the representative of Education Department we could all learn about the region and the district of Ankara.
One of the aims of our project is to develop  the relationship  between the  children, teachers and parents and others as well as to show them how important friendship and love is. The project’s aim is also to develop knowledge and understanding among young people and educating staff of the diversity of European cultures and language and the value of this diversity.
One of the best methods to reach those aims are short integrating trips.
All the participants of the meeting had a great chance to “check how it works”, because the Turkish hosts organized a short trip to Cappadocia. During the Cappadocia visit we not only could see interesting places and learn a lot about Turkey but we also cloud get to know each other. The result was very friendly atmosphere and new friendships.
The Turkish hosts welcomed all their guests- us with a warmth and friendship that allowed us all to feel that the project which we began to work on will be useful and will attract the attention of parents, teachers and students to the importance of friendship, love and mutual respect.