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 Students and teachers of partner schools had an amazing opportunity to visit Italy while participating at yet another project meeting from 19th till 23rd May 2014, in San Cipirello, Sicily. The meeting was connected with continuation of work on Comenius Project „We do care children”. This time more students took part in the event so there were more cultural Exchange possible than ever.

Our Italian hosts prepared a week full of work but also of great attractions for the whole project group. Everything started with a happy meeting at the airport where all delegations from partner schools were welcomed by our Italian friends.

Monday was the day of visiting the school and meeting teachers and students of San Cipirello. We could appreciate the musical talents of our Italian friends while listening to the national anthems of each of our countries and other Italian music performed by the students.
In the afternoon students from Poland and Turkey could spend some time with their hosting families whereas the teachers visited a rehabilitation centre for children run by Catholic nuns. We also learnt how icons are written and we prayed together in Greek- Catholic church in Piana degli Albanesi.

The second day was full of work as well because we all presented national heroes from our countries, painted a Comenius mural in the school yard and went on a trip to Palermo where we learnt about the history of the region.

The next two days were the time spent on museums and visits to Montreale, Mondello, Erice and Mozia. It was an unique type of a very practical lesson about a wide variety of peoples and cultures that made Sicily into what it is today. The knowledge we gained broadened all of our minds and it appeared that what happened long ago affects all inhabitants of contemporary Europe.

On Friday, which was the last day of our time together, we planted olive trees in front of the school in San Cipirello and talked about the activities carried out and the ones that are still ahead of us. The project group went to visit the local winery in San Cipirello which was a nice last task of the week.

The last evening was a great fiesta time for both the guests and the hosts. We all stayed together, shared songs, dances and traditional Sicilian dishes. We- teachers could meet the families hosting our students and also admire the great warmth and hospitality of the people that we had a chance to meet.