We do care children!


Spoleczne Gimnazjum Spolecznego Towarzystwa Oświatowego
      We are a semi-private  school, which is subsidized by the government and partially by parents. Classes are max. 16 students. In our school students have English lessons every day from class 1 to class  3 as well as German lessons.
There are many additional activities for students after their lessons such as logical activities, art, music, Maths, sports and other.  We have got  IT and swimming  lessons once a week.
      Starachowice is in a disadvantaged area as our province does not belong to the richest  regions in Poland. Our town is located in the centre of Poland in Swietokrzyskie Mountains, one of the oldest mountains in Europe. We have got many forests,  clear  water, the Kamienna River and many local heroes connected with our history as well as many legends because our region is famous for witches and their meetings in the past. We have also got some industrial monuments as there used to be a factory where STAR trucks were produced and weapon  during II World War.

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